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Suspender Accessories

Hard to find Suspender Buttons, Leather Strips and Suspender Accessories!

suspenderaccessories.jpgFound the right pair of suspenders but now want a little something else to complete the look?  We've got you covered!  Whether you want a bow tie to match your suspenders, a coordinating lapel flower or pocket square, or some shirt stays to make sure you stay properly tucked for your big day - SuspenderStore carries a variety of accessories to complement your suspender panache.
NEED BUTTONS FOR SUSPENDERS?  We carry 6-piece suspender button sets. Sew them inside the waistbands of pants to secure Y-back or X-back suspenders with button attachments. The diameter is five-eighths of an inch on each button. They're available in black, dark brown, khaki, navy blue and white. Click on our "How to Sew Buttons on Pants" page for step-by-step instructions on adding suspender buttons to your pants (or skirts).
You won't need a needle or thread to attach our no-sew temporary and permanent suspender buttons. Each style is available in sets of six. Our no-sew permanent buttons for suspenders are metal in a burnished brass tone with a polished surface. The 5/8-inch diameter buttons require a hammer to attach. Push one side through the pants material, position the other side on the opposite side and tap to join both sides together.

With our no-sew EZ temporary suspenders buttons, you can wear button-closure suspenders with all your pants. Wear them with the button inside or outside your trousers. The sturdy attachments allow these no-sew buttons to stay put until you remove them. All the comfort and security of button suspenders without the hassle of buttons! No-Sew BUTTONS make quick work of your switch to Button-on Suspenders, and it means you don't even have to look for a needle!

Also, our LEATHER STRIPS for Button Suspenders - extend the life of your button suspenders by just replacing the leather attachment strips (sometimes called moustaches or rabbit ears) instead of the whole pair of suspenders!When it's time to buy a new pair of button attachment leather strips for your suspenders, we've got them in black, brown and white at the SuspenderStore. We're the go-to store for all suspenders accessories - from buttons to bow ties. Our leather button-on strips come in sets of three.

While you are here, shop our sock garters, shirt stays, boot straps and mitten clips. Our sock garters are 1 inch wide and fasten around your calf with two clips to grip and hold your dress socks in place. Each set of two arrives in a handsome gift box.

Our shirt stays are popular with military personal and civilian executives who want to keep their dress shirts securely tucked in place. These U.S.-made accessories are high quality musts for those who want to maintain a polished look all day long.

Mitten clips and snoggles (one piece mitten straps) are popular ways to keep track of your kids mittens - saving you lots of frustration during winter days.