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Bow Ties & Mitten Clips


sarabloomcutekid-copy.jpgIn addition to quality suspenders, SuspenderStore is the destination for toddler suspender accessories, including mitten clips, snoggles (one-sized mitten clips), pre-tied bow ties and more. All of our accessories for toddlers are made with the same attention to detail and fine materials as our suspenders. Our accessories are those finishing touches that complete an outfit and make life easier for mom and dad.

One of our most popular toddler accessories are our mitten clips. Once wintertime rolls around, one of the struggles of every parent is keeping track of their little one's gloves and mittens. Luckily, our mitten clips are the convenient solution. What are they exactly? In a nutshell, they are similar in design to suspender clips only in miniature size and instead of clipping them to trousers, you clip them to a coat. Each fabric elastic strip is capped off by a sturdy metal clip; one clip attaches to the bottom of your child's coat sleeve and the other attaches to the tops of their mittens or gloves. Our snoggles are another useful way to keep track of wayward mittens. Using them is as easy as our mitten clips; simply clip one mitten, slide the other end through both sleeves and clip the other mitten on; put on the coat and you are done.

When heading to a formal event such as a wedding, complement your little one's suspenders with a pre-tied bowtie. The two go together like kids and a candy store and the final effect is nothing less than adorable. We offer an array of colors that let you match the suspenders perfectly or, if you prefer, you can go for an opposites attract look and choose two complementary colors.

Finish the look with an adorable kid-friendly lapel flower made from crepe fabric. Unlike real flowers, they will not wilt, but they add the same charming effect. The sturdy military clasp in back secures it easily to any jacket lapel.