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Paisley & Floral Suspenders


silk-btn-male-front-paisley-red.jpgThe New Oxford Dictionary defines paisley as 'a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine cone design from India' However paisley also has roots in Iran and other Persian countries. Paisley became anglicized when it arrived in Britain in the 1700's in the form of shawls imported by the East India Company. And while the pattern did not originate in Scotland, it got it's english name from the Scottish town of Paisley where paisley fabrics were produced in large quantities during the 1800s. Later paisley became associated with the psychodelic movement in the 1960s. Today, paisleys are often understated and classy and as such are commonly seen in business and formal attire. Our sophisticated and luxurious paisley patterned suspenders go well with suits and formal attire and will add both interest and a rich tradition to your look.


Celebrities are lining up for our paisley suspenders to show off this hot new fashion on today's red carpets. At the SuspenderStore, we're not surprised by all the attention. Paisley patterns have been at the top of must-have fashion wear lists since the East India Company first introduced the exotic style to Britain in the 1700s. You'll find the best selections in the contemporary classic look of paisley shirt suspenders at

The subtle swirls that define paisley are beautifully captured in our silver paisley silk suspenders with elegant black runner ends. These button shirt suspenders in shades of silver and a muted gray are available in a 46-inch length that's adjustable to fit most men or women who stand 5-foot-2 to 6-foot-1 tall.

The width is a dressy 1 3/8 inches on these 100 percent silk braces. They're best buy for grooms, best men and fathers of the bride at weddings. They're an elegant choice for formal galas. Pair them with our white pre-tied bow ties. We also carry this Y-back style in ivory and black.

Browse our light blue on navy blue silk suspenders by Trafalgar. These luxurious button shirt suspenders have chocolate brown leather buttonhole attachments to fit to the waist buttons on dress pants. Button-on suspenders are the securest means to fasten to pants. All suspenders are considered a better way to maintain a graceful pants drape than belts.

Go for the bold with our button silk suspenders with a large paisley pattern in regal purple. A discreet band of elastic is placed below the Y-back to create an ultra-comfortable fit on these 100 percent silk construction braces with brown leather button attachments. They look terrific with black or navy blue pinstripe suits. We also carry this style in red, light blue and dark blue. The width is 1 3/8 inches with polished brass hardware accents.

Find the best size by visiting our Style Guide for Suspender Sizing page at Shop our satiny pre-tied bowties available in 21 colors to pair with your new suspenders. For this year's holiday and special occasion gift giving, consider our handsome suspenders instead of an ordinary necktie.