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Solid Color


toddler-blowing-bubbles.jpgWhen it comes to toddler clothing and accessories, comfort is a must. If something is not comfortable, toddlers will take it off or refuse to wear it. Our suspenders have been thoughtfully designed with sturdy clips and hardware that can be fully adjusted for a not too tight, not too loose fit. The nickel clips are a breeze to put on wiggly toddlers; simply clip them onto the front and back of their pants or skirt and you are done. They are also made in the U.S. from soft, yet durable elastic that allows your boy or girl to be their active self. They will be able to jump, reach, climb and do what kids do without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. For your convenience, many of our suspenders are washable so you do not have to sweat it if you notice a spot or stain.