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Trendy Suspenders

Trendy Suspenders for Women

sarah-w-beret-1.jpgWho says suspenders are just for men? Definitely not our suspender experts at the SuspenderStore! While all of our modern suspenders are designed to be worn by men and women, we have designed trendy suspenders for women that are made to fit and flatter the female form. Our trendy lineup includes a wide array of styles, colors, and patterns to satisfy every personality and style. Depending on your mood, you may choose ultra-thin glitter suspenders one day and one-inch animal prints the next. The trend of women wearing suspenders was long established by screen actors such as Clara Bow and fashion-forward celebrities like Katharine Hepburn who popularized the look of women wearing men's fashions and accessories. Fast forward many decades later and celebs such as Drew Barrymore, Beyoncé and Tyra Banks continue this trend of wearing cute suspenders into modern times.

Our selection of trendy suspenders for women includes many widths, starting at ½-inch all the way up to ¾-inch and one-inch. For those looking for a dressier, sophisticated look, we suggest wearing thinner 1/2-inch and ¾-inch modern suspenders. Many women prefer the look of women's thin suspenders as they tend to look less bulky on smaller frames, however this comes down to personal preference. We believe that the thicker the width the more casual the look.

Black, white and gray suspenders pair perfectly with almost every formal or causal outfit. While bright neon colors and bold, primary colors add a pop of excitement that transforms a basic outfit into one that gets lots of attention. We also carry on-trend suspenders for women in softer, more understated shades of pink, lilac and yellow too. Are you more of an animal print gal? We have you covered too Show off a little bit of your wild side with our leopard, zebra and tiger stripes cute suspenders. Recapture the preppy '80s era with pastel plaid modern suspenders or show off your girly side with whimsical polka dots ones.

Whatever your style, SuspenderStore is your one-stop shop for all things women's designer suspenders and accessories. Our suspender experts are ready to answer any questions you have about your high-quality products. Best of all, after you order your modern suspenders for women, we offer fast shipping, so you won't be waiting long for your new fashion accessories.