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Food Suspenders


youth-novelty-food.jpgWhile the popular phrase goes, "Have your cake and eat it too," we say, "Have your cake and wear it, too!" Not literally, of course, but in the form of food-themed suspenders. While wearing your food does not sound appealing, wearing suspenders with different food themes does. Our great novelty selection of suspenders includes something for everyone, including all the foodies out there. Browse our growing assortment for different delectable patterns such as bacon suspenders, pizza suspenders and lots of other savory treats.

Food suspenders are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to any outfit even conservative ones and ooze lots of personality. As any man or woman working in a corporate environment can tell you, they do not have much flexibility when it comes to how creative they can get with their outfits. Food suspenders are a fun and human resources-approved way to add color and personality to your business outfits. You will be the talk of the boardroom. They also make a "tasteful" gift for the chef, baker or restauranteur. If you own a restaurant, bakery or other food establishment, consider adding food suspenders to your staff's uniform for a fun touch.

These suspenders are made in the U.S. from comfortable elastic and feature clip-on attachments. They offer a lightweight hold and serve more of a decorative purpose than a utilitarian one. Many of the designs come in lengths that fit kids and adults; the 40-inch length will fit most average-sized kids from about 6 to 7 years old up to five feet, five inches; the 50-inch length will fit most adults (or big kids) from about five feet, five inches to six feet, two inches. They feature a metal crosspatch and are fully adjustable so virtually everyone can find their perfect fit. Our selection is affordably priced so you can add several pieces to your suspender collection.