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Kid's & Youth Suspenders

Suspenders for Toddlers, Kids and Youth


At SuspenderStore, we make shopping for youth suspenders a pleasant experience, whether you're looking for styles to fit toddlers, children, tweens or teens. We've separated suspenders into three main categories based on age to help you save time in finding exactly what you desire. You may notice that there are no specific styles geared towards girls or boys, and that's because kids' suspenders are gender neutral, just like most adult styles. Children have unique personalities, and they enjoy wearing styles that enhance their natural selves.

Suspenders for Boys

As you browse suspenders for kids, you may already have in mind the kind of styles you want for one or more boys. Most boys look great in colors that complement the shirts and pants they commonly wear. You can make things easy by choosing solid colors that closely match a pair of pants. Black suspenders go with black pants, blue suspenders for blue pants, etc. This makes it easy to select a contrasting shirt color to complete the set. White shirts are a popular choice to pair with all colors of suspenders. But you can also go with other shirt colors such as blue, gray or yellow based on your tastes.

Suspenders for Girls

Girls love wearing suspenders as much as boys, and when choosing suspenders for girls, you can go beyond those pretty pink colors. Consider choosing seasonal colors that go well with school outfits. For spring, you might choose purple or white, and for fall, you might select darker hues such as black and burgundy.

Choices for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens are likely to have strong opinions about what colors and prints they like wearing when it comes to clothing accessories. This is why we've dedicated a whole section to them. Some may be thrilled to wear kids red suspenders for the holidays, while others may be hankering for a pair of easy-going leather suspenders to wear with jeans. Young men who were fine wearing suspenders and bow tie outfits may now prefer bright neon suspenders. While you're browsing, take a look at our animal print suspenders, a style that just may appeal to a young fashionista.