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dainty-dapper-puppy-toes.jpgGetting children who are around the age of six or seven excited about getting dressed up for a formal occasion, is not the easiest of tasks. Luckily, our collection of novelty suspenders for kids will get them a lot more excited about putting on their "Sunday best." Our selection is filled with fun, kid-approved designs that run the gamut from Silly Face Suspenders (what kid wouldn't smile at a pair of suspenders with a bunch of face emojis especially the one with its tongue sticking out?), Minions, Mini and Mickey Mouse, superheroes, Looney Tunes and a bunch of food-themed ones.

Each richly-colored novelty suspender for kids is crafted from comfortable elastic and nickel finger clips. These adjustable suspenders allow your child to get the perfect fit and are a whimsical way to let them express their personality. Although they are a fun accessory, they also offer support to help keep pants and skirts from drooping and falling. They are washable, too, making them parent-approved; kids can be kids without having to worry about permanently ruining their suspenders.

The great price point makes suspenders an affordable way to fill your child's accessory collection with lots of different novelty patterns. Let them choose the pair they would like to wear to a wedding, holiday celebrations, parties, picture day and any number of casual and formal events. Who knows, it just may be the first time they do not put up a fight and get dressed without a fuss. Choose a theme to celebrate the different holidays such as Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day and patriotic holidays. Get them excited for their first day of school sporting a pair with their favorite superhero such as Captain America, the Hulk, Spider-Man or Batman, or give them something to smile about for their official school photo wearing their favorite food-themed novelty suspenders. We truly strive to offer something for every child and every occasion.