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Re-enactment Suspenders


re-enactment.jpgWhether you are a Civil War buff, reenactor, part of a movie production or enjoy wearing accessories that have the charm of a bygone era, our replica Civil War suspenders are the ideal type of suspenders to add to your collection. Our American-made suspenders, also known as galluses are high-quality reproductions of those worn during the 1860s. To ensure they look and feel as close to the real thing as possible, they were developed with the insight of museum curators and Civil War experts.

As you browse our re-enactment suspenders, you will notice that suspenders worn during the Civil War definitely served a utilitarian role. Unlike modern suspenders that come in a range of materials, colors and prints, those worn during the war were limited in terms of choices. True to the originals, our suspenders are durably constructed from 1 3/8-inch wide cotton webbing and feature a sewn X-back construction. Cotton webbing is a ruggedly durable material often used to make bag straps, outdoor gear and military belts. This non-stretch material helped to support and keep pants weighed down by gun belts and other items securely in place. They are just what those fighting in the war needed. The suspenders are finished with long front leather button tabs and replica metal adjusters. The combination of the long-wearing material, button-on attachment and X-back make these suspenders exceptionally strong.

We typically carry our reenactment suspenders in two sizes - 46-inch and 54-inch - giving a range of people the perfect fit. Another distinguishing feature of re-enactment suspenders is the simple color selection. Select from traditional white (natural) background or a natural background accented with red stripes, blue stripes or brown stripes. The neutral color palette makes them a versatile choice to wear with many casual outfits. Add a bit of nostalgia to your jeans, khakis, corduroys or work pants.