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Animal Suspenders


animal-suspenders.jpgThings can get pretty wild when it comes to suspenders featuring some of your favorite animals. As you might have guessed by now, there is a whole collection of animal print suspenders available to those who desire to add a bit of fun and expressive personality to an outfit. If you are among these animal lovers, this collection is for you.

Domesticated Pets

Among the most fun styles of suspenders for men and women are those featuring the familiar images of common pets. Yes, we're talking about domesticated dogs and their counterparts, domesticated cats. In this collection, you can find suspenders printed with lovable small dogs and big dogs. For the cat lover, check out the feline version featuring cats in common poses. Now, we know that these suspenders may not feature your favorite dog or cat breeds, but we hope you can still enjoy them as a representation of all breeds.

Big Cats

Turn on any nature program focused on big cats and instantly become mesmerized by their magnificent beauty and ferocious strength. For centuries, humans from all walks of life have admired large cats living in the jungle, and seeing these wild cats in their natural habitats offers a glimpse into their daily lives. If you are a fan of lions, tigers and other big cats, you can show your love and appreciation for them by wearing a pair of cheetah print suspenders, multicolored leopard print suspenders or suspenders featuring those beloved brown and black tiger stripes.

Wild and Free

The great outdoors is home to some of our favorite creatures from the animal kingdom, and you can often hear, or see, them walking through a forest, bounding through mountainous territory, soaring high above the ground or swimming in freshwater ponds or streams. Continue exploring our animal pattern suspenders to find styles featuring ducks, deer, the mighty moose, eagles, a bevy of fish and wild bears.