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mini-me-3.jpgGet your little one excited about getting dressed up by shopping our fun collection of novelty toddler suspenders. Toddlers will love the idea of being able to wear something covered with their favorite TV or movie character or a whimsical print. Our novelty assortment for toddlers includes everything from trucks and vehicles to sports themes, dinosaurs, American flags, hearts, smiley faces and lots more. They will spend the day staring at the prints and eagerly showing them off to others. Affordably priced, you can take advantage of the great value by adding several patterns to your child's accessory collection. Are you heading to a wedding or formal event? Your cutie will be tickled pink wearing any of our novelty suspenders; to them it is fun, to parents it is an adorable and easy way to get them to look their polished best. Let your child pick their favorite pair when heading to a special occasion so they will feel like they are part of the process.