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Bow Ties & Mitten Clips


jaymie-teeters-5.jpgAlthough we are called the SuspenderStore and are renowned for offering the largest, quality inventory of suspenders around, we are also the go-to source for suspender accessories for kids. Our accessories are a great way to create fully styled outfits for your kids. This is where parents come to shop our growing inventory for pre-tied bow ties, mitten clips, snoggles (one-piece mitten clip) and more. All of our accessories for kids are made with the same craftsmanship and quality materials as our suspenders.

Nothing complements a pair of suspenders like a dapper bow tie and we have lots of kids' sizes and designs in our inventory. We offer an array of colors that let you match the suspenders perfectly or, if you prefer, you can mix and match two complementary colors. Finish the look with a sharp-looking lapel flower made from crepe fabric. The sturdy military clasp in back secures easily to any jacket lapel, and unlike the real thing, they will not wilt.

In addition to adding a stylish touch to outfits, many of our accessories are meant to make life easier for mom and dad. Case in point: mitten clips. Like socks, mittens and gloves always seem to go missing. Kids are especially known for coming home from school or a playdate with one less mitten and sometimes go through several pairs of gloves throughout a winter season. We have the simple, yet effective solution: mitten clips. Similar in design to clip-on suspenders, they clip mittens or gloves securely to your child's coat sleeve. Each fabric elastic strip is capped off by a sturdy metal clip; one clip attaches to the bottom of your child's coat sleeve and the other attaches to the tops of their mittens or gloves. Our snoggles are another useful way to keep track of wayward mittens. Using them is as easy as our mitten clips; simply clip one mitten, slide the other end through both sleeves and clip the other mitten on; put on the coat and you are done.