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Elastic Suspenders


elasticonly-multiattachments-2-withshadows.jpgVersatile, durable, comfortable and affordable, elastic suspenders are by far the most popular suspender material. Depending on the style and size, they can be worn to work, dinner or for relaxing on the weekend. The stretchy characteristic of elastic makes it easy to fit your shape and offers comfortable all-day flexibility. They do a stellar job at keeping your pants up where you need them to be while giving you the flexibility to be able to bend, move, stretch and go about your daily activities without feeling restricted. Elastic suspenders come in a range of styles, attachments, colors and patterns. You will find 2" widths which provide excellent support; 1.5" which is a versatile casual to dressier option; and skinny ½" to 1-inch suspenders which are worn as a fashionable accent to outfits and are extremely popular with women.

There are also a wide variety of attachment options including dressy finger clips, functional and sturdy construction and pin clips, airport friendly clips, button attachments and ends that attach to belts (belt clips) or clip to belt loops (trigger snaps). Which attachment to choose depends on how you'll be wearing them and the look you are trying to achieve.

Thanks to their affordability, elastic is a great way for those who have never worn suspenders to give them a try. Once you try them and love them, you can curate quite the collection from our spectrum of colors and prints, giving you the versatility of capturing your personality and mood. Pick the size and attachment you love and grab one in each color.

Heavy-duty, low-stretch elastic suspenders are ideal for those who require a pair of tough-wearing suspenders that work as hard as they do. Also known as our Rugged Comfort line of low-stretch suspenders, they are made from elastic that is three times thicker than most elastic suspenders and are accented by premium genuine leather ends. They are the ones you want to be wearing while doing strenuous work.

Elastic suspenders are a best-seller thanks to their winning qualities. It is important to note that not all elastic suspenders are created equal. SuspenderStore suspenders are made from the highest-quality elastic available to give you years of stylish wear and support.