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While we are known for carrying one of the largest selections of suspenders around, we have expanded our inventory to include travel belts. What are travel belts? They are belts that are made entirely without metal, making them ideal for those who travel by airplane since it is easy to walk through the metal detectors. Whether you travel occasionally for pleasure or frequently for business, our metal-free belts are a God-send when it comes to getting through the TSA lines and metal detectors. These travel belts are crafted from supple leather and hold together with the aid of an iron-grip Velcro tip. These fully adjustable belts look as handsome as a traditional belt but will not set off metal detectors. They are aptly named BuzzNot Travel Belts. Wear them once and you will never want to travel with anything else. As you watch others deal with the frustration of having to take off their belts after repeatedly setting off the metal detector, you will breeze right through and be on your way to your destination.

Our selection includes plenty of sizes to fit practically every shape and size and come in your choice of black and brown. We also have a selection of travel belts called EconoBuzz Travel Belts that are made from nylon polymer and are a great option for those who like a more casual look. They have a thick, super tough elastic strip that wraps around your waist and are adjustable. Our line of travel belts is so easy to wear and are so comfortable, that many people choose to wear them even when they are not traveling. They are especially convenient for those with dexterity issues due to arthritis or other conditions who have difficulty putting on and adjusting traditional belts.