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Button Attachments


button-leather-tab-close-up.jpgDo you have a favorite pair of button-on suspenders that you have worn so much that they are starting to show signs of wear? Do not even think of retiring them just yet! Breathe new life into your suspenders with our button leather attachments (also referred to as suspender moustaches or rabbit ears for somewhat obvious reasons). With a little effort on your part, you can extend the life of your favorite pair of suspenders. Our leather strips are made from the same quality leather we use on our suspenders. They are also proudly made in the U.S. For your convenience, we offer several different colors, including brown, black, white and more so you can complement your suspenders. Our strips come in a set of three and can be a real lifesaver if you've lost one of your button attachments or your suspenders have seen better days. For a few dollars, you can make your tired-looking suspenders look like new. Grab an extra set to have on hand for your other suspenders.