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Trigger Snap Suspenders


12093-desert-brown-rugged-015-16bit-layered-2.jpgTrigger snap suspenders feature a heavy duty "dog leash style" scissor clip that easily attaches to the belt loops on pants. Historically popular for Western Style suspenders for their ease of use, ability to hold up heavy pants, and practical/effective manner of attachment, trigger snap attachments are now becoming more mainstream.

SuspenderStore has recently added a line of trigger snap suspenders with the same attractive and functional 1.5-inch elastic material that we use on our traditional Bostonian finger clip suspenders. This gives fans of trigger snap suspenders the ability to now purchase this type of suspenders in a wider variety of colors and sizes.

In addition to our new line of elastic trigger snap suspenders, our Rugged Comfort collection includes trigger snap suspenders with a traditional Western flair and heavy duty/low-stretch elastic straps.  Available in 4 colors and multiple sizes, these suspenders have been an enduring favorite for those seeking a casual look and high durability.