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Purple Suspenders


lavender.jpgAs the combination of both the warmest (red) and coolest (blue) colors, purple is said to be the ideal color. Wearing purple is encouraged for fostering imagination and creativity and symbolizes luxury, wealth and sophistication. Shades of deep purple have long been associated with royalty and mystery. Lighter shades, such as lavender, suggest calmness and romance.

Whether you are looking for purple suspenders for casual or dress attire, we've got just the suspenders for you! From deep purple suspenders fit for nobility to light lilac or lavender colored suspenders that emit a sense of calm, the SuspenderStore carries a wide variety of purple suspenders. Our purple suspenders come in a wide variety of different shades, widths, fabrics and attachment styles. Purple suspenders pair well with neutral colors like black, dark charcoal or tan for a conservative look. On the other hand, pairing purple suspenders with bright colors like lime green, pink or orange has a more eye-popping effect. Whatever your style or fashion goal, you'll find just the right pair of purple suspenders at the SuspenderStore!

Let our regal purple suspenders dress up your shirt in cool, deep or neon shades from the SuspenderStore. You'll find a set of solid-colored suspenders in virtually every shade of purple that you can imagine from the SuspenderStore. From the deepest shades of eggplant and plum to medium shades like dark purple suspenders to the lightest such as lavender and light purple suspenders, you'll be sure to find the perfect set. We carry classic 1.5-inch wide shirt braces in purple as well as contemporary skinny and thin royal purple suspenders for men and women.

If you'd like a set of suspenders with a more interesting look than a simple solid color, try our patterned purple suspenders. We carry grosgrain, paisley, herringbone, striped and printed options. Our silk paisley suspenders are elegantly crafted with nickel hardware and brown leather button attachments. The width of our purple paisley suspenders is 1 3/8 inches. We also carry handsome striped suspenders with purple accents. There are also NFL-themed football suspenders in purple for the biggest football fans.

Wear our purple suspenders to work, a formal event or as part of your everyday fashion. There are casual options as well as elegant and formal designs. The versatile 1-inch wide purple braces with sewn X-backs and polished metal finger-clip attachments will handily transition from the office to nights out on the town and casual weekends. We even offer matching purple bowtie and suspender sets for the most elegant and formal occasions.

Our suspender sizes range from 30-inch lengths for kids to 48-inch lengths for adults up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Click on our style guides for expert help in finding the perfect fit, size and suspender style. We have rugged outdoor leather braces, motorcycle suspenders and handsomely crafted tuxedo suspenders. If you have questions, consult our expert staff.