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Kids Suspenders



Suspenders for kids are available in a range of solid colors and novelty styles for creating countless cute and cool outfits. When you are considering what kind of suspenders to get, the most important thing is to pay attention to what colors and patterns look best on your child, what they like to wear and their height. You can start out by creating outfits for toddlers using the smallest suspender sizes, and then move up a size as your child grows.

Cute School Outfits

Suspenders for boys and girls look exactly the same, even when they appear under boy or girl categories. This means that a household with two or more children of different genders can actually share their suspenders, as long as the sizing is right. That's good news for parents and kids who enjoy planning various school outfits. You can easily have a collection of solid color suspenders for every day of the week, and a child can decide to wear suspenders with a T-shirt, fashion top or button-down shirt with casual bottoms for everyday outfits and school picture day.

Fun-filled Novelty Characters

Kids love novelty suspenders, especially ones featuring fun cartoon characters. We have a whole bunch of licensed character suspenders featuring cartoon comic book heroes, TV show and movie cartoon characters with timeless appeal. These fun and funny suspenders turn ordinary outfits into favorite looks loved by kids and adults.

Accessorizing for Special Occasions

Youth suspenders are sometimes selected to accessorize a dressy outfit for a special occasion. For instance, it's quite common to see a toddler or kid wearing the classic suspenders with bow tie outfit at weddings. This look may be requested by the bride and groom, or you can choose to put together a nice shirt, pair of dress slacks and suspenders with matching bow tie just because you love how it looks. We offer pre-tied bow ties for kids to make it simple to create this popular outfit.