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Kids Suspenders


laughing-kids1.jpgThere is simply nothing cuter than a child in suspenders. From infants to toddlers, for young boys and girls, we have the perfect size and style for your needs. The best part? Children's suspenders are washable. Enjoy the same high quality as with adult suspenders, in clip and button style with X-back or Y-Back design. Easily match many of our kids' suspenders patterns with men's or women's styles on our Novelty, Work-Related and Holiday Pages.

Our children's suspenders come in 15 solid colors to match any outfit. They are available in 36" and 30" suspenders for the kids and 25" for the infants and toddlers.

Also check out our wide variety of fun print suspenders and glitter suspenders - girls love them! These girls' suspenders make great gifts.

We haven't forgotten the boys in your life either. SuspenderStore stocks lots of boys' suspenders that all the young males in your life will love. Check out our Batman Suspenders, Truck Suspenders, Sports Balls Suspenders and many others that will appeal to boys.

In addition to boys' and girls' suspenders, we also carry adorable infant suspenders and toddler suspenders. Dress up your youngest ones with any of our wide selection of infant suspenders and prepare for plenty of compliments and smiles.

From duckies to dinosaurs, both you and your little ones will love how they look in our designs. For children constantly losing their mittens in the winter, check out our mitten clip pairs and mitten clip one-piece snoggles.

Size Guide for Children: 25" baby/infant suspenders for 9 to 24 months, 30" for toddlers to 5 years, 36" for 5 years to about 5 feet tall, 42" for over 5 feet (see our official suspender sizing guide for more information).

Actual Measuring Method (recommended when buying for KIDS): Measure the distance from back waistline of pants, diagonally over the shoulder, to front waistline. The next larger size will be your correct length.

Is your little one a fashion maven in the making? Kids look absolutely adorable in sweet, timeless suspenders, and SuspenderStore offers a wide selection of suspenders for kids that your children are sure to adore. These suspenders feature classic colors, fun, youthful patterns and basic, neutral hues that make them the perfect accessories for a formal occasion. Let your child embrace his or her stylish side with a brand-new pair of affordable, eye-catching suspenders from SuspenderStore.

If you have a dressy occasion coming up and you want your child to look perfectly put together, SuspenderStore offers basic kids' suspenders in a variety of simple shades. From bright, bold red to basic black, you can't go wrong with one of these sleek and stylish pairs. These solid-colored options also come in more vibrant shades that are just as simple but offer a bit more exciting look for daily wear. Pair them with a pre-tied bow tie for kids for an extra dose of cuteness. Kids' suspenders and bowtie combinations always make an impression. Children's bowties are available in vibrant solid colors that are a perfect match for our suspenders.

If your child wants to wear a fun pair of suspenders to school or for a family function, SuspenderStore also carries novelty suspenders for kids with a number of wild, exciting patterns. Rainbow stripes, checkers and animal cartoons are just a few of our most popular options with the little ones. We even carry holiday-themed children's suspenders just in time for Christmas or the Fourth of July.

All of our suspenders for kids are constructed with the same care and quality as our adult-sized suspenders, but they come in smaller sizes to suit young children. Shop SuspenderStore suspenders made for infants, toddlers and young boys and girls, with a wide variety of sizes to choose from. They're all washable to make maintenance a breeze, and they come with convenient silver clip attachments that make them easy to put on and take off at the end of the day.