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How To Choose the correct Fabric, Width, Size or Attachments

With so many choices, choosing the right wedding suspenders might feel overwhelming. At SuspenderStore, we can help you narrow down your search for the right type of suspenders for a wedding with this useful guide. Here are some helpful shopping strategies to get you started:

Suspenders for Weddings

Shop by Color

Most folks planning a wedding have a particular color scheme in mind that can influence what they're looking for in a wedding suspender. Our experience has shown us that it's usually possible for you to easily find a match in your specific color, but that's not always the case. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an exact color match for the style of suspenders you desire.

In those cases, we recommend choosing a complementary or contrasting color for your wedding suspenders. We carry suspenders in every shade of the rainbow (and rainbow suspenders too!), making this option a fashion win for your wedding party. Popular choices range from black suspenders to brown suspenders, and even pink or white suspenders. Take a look at some of the great wedding suspender choices we have for you here:

Newport Suspenders

Basic 1-inch wide X-Back suspenders available in more than 20 colors. A classic and economical alternative

Bow Tie and Suspender Sets

Same economical suspender choices with coordinating bow ties for some additional flair! Be sure to check out our coordinating pocket squares and lapel flowers too!

Grosgrain Brights

Slightly wider featuring dressy drop clips and a more upscale fabric. Available in many Springy bright colors. More expensive but also more upscale for dressier venues.

Grosgrain Classics

Great for Fall and Winter weddings, these subdued colors are classy and traditional. More expensive than elastic suspenders but also more dressy and refined.

1.25 Inch Clip

A great middle of the road option featuring dressier Y-backs and drop clips, but featuring economical elastic straps.

Wedding Venue

Consider the Venue and Theme

Suspenders can be a great way to help you achieve the vibe or overall theme you are going for, and they can help to enhance themed outfits. Planning an outdoor wedding in the country or at the beach? Going with a polished or debonair venue? Doing something totally offbeat? You can definitely find wedding suspenders that beautifully complement the scenic backdrop. Here are some of our style recommendations for modern and vintage themes:

Fresh Hues

Basic suspenders available in many popular wedding colors. An economical alternative.

Leather Suspenders

Perfect for a wedding taking place in the great outdoors.

Glitter Suspenders

Add some jazz and sparkle without going overboard for a glam filled evening.

Silk Suspenders

When only the classiest look will do.


Add Some Personality

Your special day is all about celebrating the two of you, and the style of suspenders you choose for your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple and what you both like as individuals. The right suspenders for your wedding day can help you make that statement in a subtle (or not so subtle) way. Whether you're pairing your suspenders with a light-colored suit or a traditional tuxedo, suspenders can add a pop of personality. Here are some fun wedding suspender ideas to consider:

Novelty Suspenders

Celebrate a hobby or interest or just add some humor to your day.

Fish Suspenders

Reception at an aquarium? Marrying an angler or scuba diver? How about some Fish Suspenders?

Music Suspenders

Love music? Try some music themed suspenders.

Patriotic Suspenders

Getting married on the 4th of July or in the military? Go Patriotic!

Patterned Suspenders

No plain Jane here - mix it up by adding some colorful stripes or sophisticated paisleys. Add some whimsey with Polka Dot suspenders. Or be traditional with a plaid or argyle.

Suspender Sizing

Get the Right Sizes

When it comes to both you and your groomsmen, suspenders complete the ensemble. However, wedding suspenders should add comfort as well as style to your wedding day. Opting for suspenders for your groomsmen means no uncomfortable belt after the big meal and no droopy pants on the dance floor. But getting the correct size suspender for each individual further ensures the right functionality for everyone in your wedding party, no matter what their age, height or weight is. Our convenient size guide can help you find wedding suspenders that fit great.

Suspender Sizing Guide

Learn how to measure and choose the correct size for a perfect suspender fit!

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