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Business & Dress Clip Suspenders


new-year-handsome-man.jpgHere at SuspenderStore, we offer a broad selection of dressy suspenders with clip attachments for when you want the upscale look of dressier materials such as jacquard, grosgrain, barathea or silk but don't want to sacrifice the easiness of clip-on suspenders. Whether you're looking for dress clip-on suspenders for business or high-end silk suspenders to wear with a tuxedo for a formal occasion - wedding, black-tie, prom or another special event - we've got you covered. Available in an array of classy and traditional materials and patterns, our hard-to-find upscale clip suspenders for men and women are the perfect finishing touch for your business and formal attire. These dressy suspenders are made with the most decadent, luxurious materials around but still feature the practicality of the clip style to help you get dressed fast with minimal complication.

Featuring drop clips and classy fabrics like French satin, jacquard, grosgrain and silk, you can choose from a variety colors, patterns and widths. Our standard elastic clip-on suspenders can also be used for dress occasions for those looking to economize. Or for a different look, browse our collection of suspenders with clips and pick one or more from our collection of dressy leather suspenders. SuspenderStore is the world's best online suspender store for guys and gals in search of dressy suspenders made for quality and longevity. Premium styles made from genuine silk make the perfect gift for the suspender collector on your list, while budget-friendly basic dressy suspenders are a great choice for those who don't rock the suspender look every day but still want an accessory for steadfast style on special occasions. Any of these options are sure to look great and will provide the perfect finishing touch to your dress attire.

Dress suspenders with clips make wearing suspenders to special events a breeze. Dress clips attach to pants without requiring a button sewn into the pants. This can be a time saver if the pair of pants selected for the event doesn't have buttons conveniently located for suspenders. And if the suspenders need to be temporarily removed for some reason, they can quickly be put on again by simply opening and closing the clips.

Want to hedge your bets and get the benefits of both a clip-on and a button-on suspender with a single purchase? Our convertible clip suspenders allow you to change your mind and easily convert your single pair of suspenders into either a clip-on or button-on style, so you can buy one pair of suspenders and wear them either way, depending on your outfit or your mood!