How to Pick the Right Buttons for your Suspenders


Today we are going to talk about buttons for suspenders. Even though most suspenders have clips on them, we sell a lot of button suspenders, which are also often called Braces, especially by our friends in the United Kingdom.

Most business and dress suspenders are button style, as are a lot of casual and some work suspenders. Before clips were invented buttons were the main way suspenders were worn. The straps on the ends of the suspenders attached to buttons sewn on the pants. Most of the straps are leather, some are cloth or elastic.

Today we are going to focus on the buttons and tell you about the different types that you can use.

By far most suspenders are attached to regular suspender buttons. You need six buttons for most suspenders, which have two straps in the front and one strap in the back.

We sell these in sets of 6 for 99 cents each. Some of the more expensive suspenders come with a set of buttons.

It is important to know that suspender buttons are DIFFERENT than normal shirt buttons. You need suspender buttons to work with suspenders. They are larger than regular buttons, they are 5/8 inches in diameter. They also have rounded edges so that you can slide them into and out of the button attachments on the suspenders.

We sell these in five colors, Black, White, Brown, Navy Blue, and Tan.

The thing about these buttons is that you have to sew them onto the pants. We have a whole video about how to do that that you might want to check out.

So, if you do not want to sew buttons onto your pants we have a couple other options, two types of buttons that you do not sew on. We call them of course, NO SEW buttons. There is a permanent type and a moveable type.

Here is the permanent type of NO SEW button. These have two parts, a male stud piece and a female button piece. You tap them together through the pants material and voila, you have a permanent button.

Here is what they look like on pants. As most people put the button on the inside of the pants you will see the small stud end on the outside of the pants.

For this reason they work very well with jeans in my opinion, as many jeans already have studs on them. Not so well with dressier pants. Some people put the button side on the outside, more often with jeans and often for work type suspenders that have larger leather attachments than normal button suspenders.

Here we have the other type of NO SEW buttons. These are moveable buttons, so you can move them around to different sets of pants.

These have a button side and a clamp side. They slide onto the top of your pants and you just flip the little clamp and they hold on to the pants. They hold really well to most pants except really thin pants or super smooth pants.

To take them off you just flip the little clamp up and slide them off. The only downside to these buttons is that you will see the backing of the button on the outside of the pants. It is about a ½ inch square piece of metal.

So at this point I will button up the presentation. Those are the different types of buttons that we sell for attaching button suspenders.

Please check out our videos about all the other ways that suspenders can attach to pants.