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Non & Low Stretch Work Suspenders


construction-guys.jpgCarpenters, plumbers and other professionals who have to work long hours with a heavy tool belt will find our non-stretch work suspenders to be one of their greatest work allies. Made from non-stretch material in front, our work suspenders have been designed with the hardworking individual in mind. Made of non-elastic webbing, the non-stretch front material means you can weigh them down with heavy pants and a tool belt filled to the max without worrying about your pants drooping or the material slipping out of the clips. This tough-wearing material will not stretch out or sag, even when supporting the heaviest of loads. Featuring heavy-duty clips, they attach and hold denim and a variety of heavy work pants with ease.

Strategically placed elastic in back ensures you have just enough flexibility to move around freely so your movements are not restricted so you can get your physically demanding tasks completed. Work suspenders made from non-stretch material are typically designed in two inch widths to more evenly distribute the weight on the shoulders and to support the weight of heavy pants and tool belts for a more comfortable fit and feel. For those who are looking for extra comfort in their non-stretch work suspenders, give our support suspenders with built-in shoulder pads a try. The padding helps to prevent the suspenders from digging into your shoulders when carrying extra heavy loads. If you work at night or in low-light settings such as in a warehouse, stay safe and perform your job comfortably with non-stretch reflective suspenders. The bright, fluorescent yellow color will make you glow like a highlighter marker so you will be visible to vehicles and other individuals when the lighting is poor.

Our selection includes a range of colors and depending on the particular style, sizes range from 42 inches to 60 inches and can accommodate heights from five feet all the way to six feet, nine inches tall.