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Sock Garters


12031-gene-482.jpgIf you have never tried sock garters, you do not know what you are missing! Although they are reminiscent of something your great uncles and grandpa used to wear, we say don't knock ‘em ‘til you try ‘em. Similar in design to clip-on suspenders, sock garters are dynamos at keeping your socks pulled up. Having to deal with sagging, drooping socks is one of life's many annoyances. Not to mention, you look silly and somewhat awkward always reaching to pull your socks up. Fortunately, these handy contraptions solve the problem. Made of one-inch wide stretchy elastic, our black sock garters fasten around your calf and feature two strong clips to grip your socks and keep them from sliding down. They are adjustable from 13 ½-inches long to 16 inches long and the fully elasticized fit provides great flexibility.

Did you know that sock garters make a useful gift for any guy or gal? They are a great idea for business professionals, wedding attendants, new grads who will be starting a job in the corporate world and anyone else who hates the look and feel of socks bunched up around their ankles. We have made your life a bit easier by packaging each pair of sock garters in an attractive gift box so they are ready to be shared with friends and family.