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Button Industrial End


industrialendbutton.jpgWhen wearing suspenders for heavy-duty work, such as logging, ranch handling, construction and more, you need a pair of suspender attachments that can withstand the rigors of the job. For those who are searching for a tough-wearing pair of suspenders, our industrial-end button attachment suspenders live up to the challenge. Based on looks alone, you can tell that they are made for the job. Typically constructed from premium riveted brown leather, these button ends have a sturdier look and feel than standard leather "rabbit ear" or mustache ends found on dressy and business suspenders. They are made for holding up heavy-duty pants, pants weighed down by tool belts and for guys and gals tasked with doing strenuous work. The metal rivets are made from strong hardware that adds reinforcement to the attachments.

When it comes to wearing industrial button ends, the functionality is the same as our traditional leather-end attachments. They secure to the buttons on the inside or outside of pants and stay put throughout the day. Our quality craftsmanship ensures that once they are buttoned, they will not slip off or come undone until you decide to take them off.

Heavy-duty industrial button ends are often paired with suspenders made from equally tough-wearing materials such as thick elastic with a low stretch. Working together as a team, these two materials work as hard as you do. You can bend, stretch, lift and perform all your daily activities knowing your pants will stay right where you need them. The style of back on this type of attachment is typically the X-back. The X-shape has four attachment points, spreading the load better to give the best overall support.

Not just for wearing on the job, industrial-end attachments are perfect for casual occasions and for those who like the look and feel of a sturdier pair of suspenders.