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Airport Friendly Suspenders


model-187-edit.jpgLook great, keep your trousers securely in place and get through metal detectors without setting them off when you wear elastic airport-friendly suspenders. Having to go through several security checkpoints is the new norm when traveling, and whether you travel a little or a lot, anything you can do to get through the airport security line faster makes for a less stressful experience. Our airport-friendly suspenders offer the same supportive fit and comfort as our traditional elastic clip-on suspenders, but are designed without metal. Featuring a plastic clip and plastic adjusters, they clamp down securely onto pants without causing damage to the material. These are also a great option for those who work in government buildings, court houses or other types of employment that require going through metal detectors daily.

There are two types of elastic airport-friendly suspenders to choose from - BuzzNot and Perry suspenders. Perry suspenders, also known as belt-clip suspenders, are worn by those who prefer the look and the extra support that comes with wearing both a belt and suspenders. They securely clip onto your belt with a heavy plastic clip. When paired with our buckle-free BuzzNot Leather Belts, our belt-clip suspenders get you through the checkpoints with ease. We even have airport-friendly undergarment style elastic suspenders for those who prefer the discreetness that comes with wearing their suspenders under their clothing.

Durably-made from premium elastic, our airport-friendly suspenders are a must for travel. They are comfortable to wear even on long flights and the flexible material is ideal for reaching overhead bins, grabbing luggage off the baggage carousel and rushing through the airport to catch your flight.

In addition to avoiding the hassle of having to remove your suspenders and preventing the embarrassment and frustration of setting off metal detectors, our airport-friendly suspenders add a stylish touch to any outfit. Shop an assortment of classic solid colors as well as charming prints so you can fly the friendly skies in style.