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Other Accessories


When you are in the business of selling straps with clips to keep things in place - it's hard to pass up a few products that fall into this category even if they aren't suspenders! Made using the same high quality elastic straps and super strong clips, our boot straps for bikers, mitten clips and snoggles (one piece mitten clip straps) help keep other necessary articles of clothing securely in place.

Our Boot Straps for Bikers are a must-have for motorcyclists who are looking for a surefire way to keep their pants from riding up when they are on the open road. In addition to it being annoying, reaching down to pull you pants down while traveling at a high rate of speed is extremely dangerous. Our sturdy, heavy-duty boot straps provide a simple and effective solution. They are made from sturdy, two-inch wide elastic and feature strong black alligator clips and an extra strap that goes around the heel to help hold the straps in place. Once they are secured, your pant legs are staying put. They are proudly made in the U.S.

Our mitten clips come in two styles - traditional pairs of 4-inch elastic straps that attach to the cuffs of winter coats and a less common single strap that runs through the length of both coat sleeves.  Whichever style you choose, these mitten clips will ensure that your little kittens will not lose their mittens!