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Belt Clip Suspenders


beltclip.jpgAre you looking for a surefire way to keep your pants from falling, sagging or drooping? Our belt-clip suspenders are the solution. As the name implies, they are suspenders that you wear with a belt. Why would you need to do that? There are several reasons. Belt-clip suspenders offer a practical solution for those who are looking for the dual support of a belt and suspenders. Those who have a large frame or are heavier-set often find the extra support to be beneficial. We also see them used by people who need help holding up heavy pants or pants that are made heavy by tools or other items. Law enforcement officers find them useful in helping to keep up their gun belts, while construction workers frequently find them handy in helping to keep up their tool belts.

The most common type is the Perry belt-clip suspender. Using this type of suspender attachment is quite easy. Featuring plastic grips, they are designed to quickly fit over a standard belt in front and back. People with finger dexterity issues find the Perry grip attachment easier to handle than attachments with clips that open and close. They are available in 1.5" and 2" width. They are also available in side-clip style with one grip on each side instead of the usual two grips on the front and one grip on the back. Shop our standard 42", 48" or 54" lengths, as well as our 60" length for big and tall customers.

Another type of suspender that works with a belt is our line of leather belt-loop suspenders called Rugged Comfort, featuring durable leather loops that go around your belt. This is the sturdiest option that ensures your pants will stay where you need them to be.

When purchasing our belt-clip suspenders, it is important to keep in mind the width of the belt you intend to wear.