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Vintage Ribbon Suspenders



Once a more widely found item, these ribbons are what remains of the treasured legacy of the early days of brocade picture ribbons with designs so classic they have actually been copied over the years. The trend started in 1937 when President Roosevelt wore a pair of brocade braces during the Christmas holidays. As ribbon suspenders’ popularity grew, so did American production of the brocade designs. World War II interrupted the trend but the braces regained popularity around 1950, particularly with the appearance of famous actors wearing the braces on the big screen.

When you purchase a pair of our vintage ribbon suspenders, you are receiving carefully preserved brocade crafted in America during the 1960s. These suspenders are assembled with modern leather trims, elastic and polished nickel size adjusters. The perfect union of new and old, these are apt to be a conversation starter during any event, and an elegant look to boot.

At SuspenderStore, we take pride in our extensive selection of suspenders, both new and vintage. We use the highest quality materials for a secure fit, comfortable feel and polished look. Our selection of vintage ribbon suspenders offers both men and women a unique look for dressy workplaces and formal events.