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Women's Suspenders



As proven by fashion-forward females like Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Drew Barrymore, suspenders are no longer limited to the Urkel or Larry King types out there. Our selection of suspenders for women is designed to challenge every gender-related stereotype when it comes to fashion accessories, so you can comfortably and confidently rock this timeless style sensation. Women can wear any width of suspenders, but many prefer the thinner widths (1-inch, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch) because they tend to look less bulky on smaller frames. Still, we strive to carry mostly gender-neutral suspender styles, so men and women alike get a wide variety of patterns and looks to choose from.

We carry women’s suspenders in solid colors ranging from toned-down neutrals to eye-catching neons, plus patterns like plaid and polka dot, so you can choose a pair (or five) that suits your personal taste and wardrobe. We also carry endlessly popular glitter suspenders for women that are specifically designed to help you infuse a bit of pizzazz into your day-to-day look. If you’re more of the vintage-loving lady, we’ve got super skinny suspenders for women that come in dozens of chic and stylish colors that pay tribute to the functional styles of yesteryear.

Women’s suspenders typically feature clips, but if you’re feeling a bit daring, we also carry tons of button suspenders that would make a fine addition to any woman’s outfit. Most of our clip suspenders have a traditional X-back style (fashioned with either triangle metallic cross pieces or a stitched patch) and durable and chic nickel hardware, so you get a high-quality product that’s designed to stay put all day long. This trend-setting look is a great way to add a bit of intrigue and fun to any outfit, so don’t be afraid to browse our impressive inventory of stylish suspenders.

Who says that suspenders are made only for men? All of our suspenders here at SuspenderStore are designed for both genders to wear, but we even offer a wide selection of women's suspenders made just for the female body. These supportive and stylish suspenders are a bit slimmer than our more traditional options, but they still feature the same high quality materials and timeless designs. Wear them to the office, while doing manual labor or even with a high fashion ensemble while out with friends.

Our solid colored suspenders for women measure 1-inch wide and come in a rainbow of both bright and neutral hues. Black, white and grey suspenders pair perfectly with just about any formal or causal outfit, while bright neons and bold, primary hues add a pop of excitement that is sure to turn some heads. We also carry perfectly on-trend suspenders in softer, more understated shades of pink, lilac and orange.

If you're looking for a more interesting pair of women's suspenders with a fun print or pattern, SuspenderStore carries those as well. From punk-inspired plaids to stylish chevrons and wild and crazy animal prints, we offer a number of different patterned suspenders for women to choose from.

Most of SuspenderStore's women's suspenders feature metal clip attachments, which are a bit more modern than more traditional button closures and are much easier to take on and off. Choose from X-back or Y-back suspenders and a wide variety of different sizes to create the perfect fit to flatter your figure and set you apart from the crowd. Our suspenders for women are also available for truly affordable prices that you won't find anywhere else.

If you prefer the button attachments, however, we carry thin suspenders with buttons as well with 1-inch wide elastic straps and even thinner straps on some of our leather suspenders.