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Geometric Suspenders


tacoma-btn-male-front.jpgWith their juxtaposition of shapes - diamonds, circles, hexagons, circles and more - and blend of hues, our geometric suspenders are as mesmerizing as looking through a kaleidoscope. The intricate patterns of our geometric suspenders result in a harmonious display that adds plenty of visual appeal to many outfits. We offer a variety of suspenders that range from subtle geometric prints to bolder ones. Our handsome selection of colors gives you the flexibility of filling your wardrobe with an assortment of light and dark hues for year-round wear.

Geometrics are a popular choice among men and women due to their versatility. This print typically incorporates several complementary colors in one, giving you plenty of options when it comes to curating different outfits. A diamond and hexagon print in burgundy, navy, grey and white, for example, can be worn with a navy shirt one day and a white shirt another. The key is matching your shirt with one of the colors found within the print for a balancing effect.

Do you typically wear solid-colored suspenders and are ready to take the plunge into the world of prints? Geometrics are the way to go! While the idea of wearing geometric may sound over the top (especially for those who dress more conservatively), our designs are done in a way that is subtle and refined, never garish. Typically made with brown leather button attachments and leather crosspatch, they are a popular option for business wear and formal occasions.

Quality-made from premium materials, our geometric suspenders are available in button and clip-on attachments. Many of them conveniently come with convertible ends - button attachments and clips - giving you the flexibility to wear them either way; clips have a more casual look, while button attachments are for dressier occasions. They also come in a range of widths and styles, including Y-back and X-back.