Belt Loop Suspenders

One type of suspender you may be interested in wearing is called the belt loop suspender. It's called that because, instead of clipping onto pants with a metal or plastic clip, these suspenders are designed to slide a belt right through the loop, which is secured by a sturdy leather buckle.

Why Choose SuspenderStore Belt Loop Suspenders?

Belt loop suspenders have a distinctive look about them that sets them apart from other suspender styles. For one thing, on the western style belt loop suspenders the leather buckle adjusters are quite visible, giving them a timeless western style that many people like.

Another reason to add them to your collection is for their strong durability. The straps are made of low-stretch material that stays put, regardless of how you're moving around. This function makes them a great choice for work when you need reliable suspenders with built-in ruggedness.

Belt Loop Suspenders vs. Belt Clip Suspenders

Belt loop suspenders and belt clip suspenders are a top choice for anyone who wants to make sure their pants stay up whether on the job or outside of work. The main difference between these two styles are the attachments.

As noted earlier, our western style belt loop suspenders have buckle adjusters similar to a belt, rather than clips the more typical metal adjusters found on most suspenders. If you like heavy-duty suspenders and want clips that are strong enough to hold up work pants, you are sure to like these sturdy belt clip suspenders.

Other Low-Stretch Work Suspenders

Not sure you want belt loop suspenders? We carry lots of other great suspenders geared

towards meeting the demands of heavy-duty work. Expand your work suspender collection easily by checking out what we offer in our low and non-stretch suspender collection.