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Trigger Snap Suspenders


Looking for suspenders that are easy to use, easy to remove and come in a range of quality materials? Pull the 'trigger' on our trigger snap suspenders. This type of suspender uses a spring-loaded mechanism similar to what you would find on a dog leash. They quickly and easily attach to the belt loops of your pants. Just open the mechanism, clip them on your belt loops and enjoy all-day security and comfort.

Also called scissor clip suspenders, swivel snap suspenders or swivel clip suspenders, these are typically the most common type of attachment found on leather and western leather suspenders. Shop our assortment of premium, all leather trigger snap suspenders available in a handsome collection of eye-catching patterns such as basket weave, chain stitch pattern, barbed wire pattern and more. For those who are looking for smooth, simple leather designs, we have those as well available in rich brown and supple black. Other materials and styles you will find in our inventory include horsehair suspenders, camouflage inlay and the always popular rugged comfort western suspenders, made from elastic and leather and super-strong hardware. We even have suspenders detailed with traditional western motifs such as a diamond-shaped steel concho, contrast stitching and distressed leather for a slightly weathered look.

Until recently, this type of attachment has not been available on conventional suspenders. Listening to the feedback and requests from customers, we now offer trigger snaps on traditional, elastic type suspenders. We currently carry them in standard, neutral colors such as black, navy and tan but we continue to add more colors and will introduce new prints as well.

Trigger snap suspenders work on a regular size belt loop, usually ½" wide. Shop our collection for narrow and wider designs. Featuring a Y-back design, our trigger snap suspenders can be adjusted to give you the perfect, customized fit.