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Button Leather End


leatherbuttonends.jpgOf all the types of suspender attachments, the leather-end button style offers an elegant, refined look. Leather ends are by far the most common type of button-on attachments, and they are the quintessential accessory of the well-dressed individual. They are typically found in the boardroom, at weddings and other events where the dress code is classic and polished. Button-on suspenders feature a mustache (or a rabbit ear-shaped) strip of leather, and all of our leather-end suspenders are made from leather that is prized for its durability and supple finish. As with all quality leather, ours stands the test of time and ages beautifully, developing a rich patina the more you wear them.

As you browse our inventory, you will find our leather ends come in black and a range of light to dark shades of brown. The color of the leather has been carefully chosen to complement the color and pattern of the suspenders.

Putting on button suspenders takes a little more time than their clip-on counterparts, but the extra effort is worth the final result. And the more you wear them, the easier they are to put on and take off. You will find that the buttons on suspenders offer one of the most secure attachments. When they are made with as much of the fine attention to detail that we give to ours, there is no risk of them slipping off or coming undone, until you are ready to take them off. Leather-end button suspenders typically have a Y-back, meaning there is one attachment point on the middle of the back and two attachment points on the front. Y-back and dressy suspenders go hand-in-hand.

Most suits and dress pants should be equipped with interior buttons meant for suspenders. However, for pants and trousers without buttons, sewing them in yourself is an easy fix.