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Leather Suspenders


leathersuspenders.jpgOnce you find out how good you look wearing a pair of genuine leather suspenders, you may never want to wear a plain old leather belt again. In our opinion, leather suspenders bring a cool look to any style, and they have the added benefit of keeping your pants securely in place. SuspenderStore offers casual and dress suspenders along with Western suspenders for men and women looking for an alternative to elastic styles.

Leather Look for Men

Leather suspenders for men are always in fashion and they've been around for generations. Over time, the number of styles and colors available have grown and you can see this when browsing our collection. For some men, their first introduction to wearing this style is when they are required to wear groomsmen leather suspenders as part of a wedding party. We admit that groomsmen look pretty cool in suspenders of any kind, including those made of strong leather. Guys can also wear all styles of leather suspenders for work and they pair well with slacks or a business suit. After work, slip them on with jeans of any color and a comfortable black or white T-shirt.

Leather Look for Women

Ladies can also enjoy wearing leather suspenders in various styles. Slender width styles (5/8-inch to one-inch) tend to be most flattering for women with smaller physiques. However, every woman is unique, so choose a width you feel most comfortable with and strut your stuff! Both the black and brown colors are great to wear with a range of fashion tops, shirts, jeans or slacks.

Leather Work Suspenders

Leather suspenders are fashionable, but you may be wondering how they stack up as work suspenders. When the focus is on looking good and keeping your pants from slipping, it all comes down to the type of attachments included with the suspenders. Heavy-duty style leather options include button suspenders that attach to buttons inside your pants, and belt-clip suspenders that attach to a belt. You may also find police/motorcycle suspenders to be a sturdy choice for physically demanding work activities.