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Leather Suspenders


leathersuspenders.jpgLeather suspenders can be edgy and trendy, dressy and polished, casual and sturdy, rugged and functional, or anything in between making them a versatile and practical choice for fashion conscious men and women. 

Our line of casual and dress leather suspenders feature relatively thin straps - generally 1-inch or 5/8-inch wide - and various styles including solid/plain leather, braided leather and even suede.  Most of our casual and dress leather suspenders come in either black or brown leather and in a choice of attachment styles including finger clip or button.  No matter what your style objective, you will find the perfect pair of leather suspenders in our collection. 

In addition to being the perfect accessory to wear with anything from jeans to formal suits, leather suspenders can be rugged and functional. Our line of Western Leather suspenders feature wider straps - generally 1.5 inches wide - thicker leather, and sturdy trigger snap or belt loop attachments.  Many are handcrafted by a saddlery in the Northwest portion of the United States and are popular with people who work outdoors including ranchers, loggers and farmers.