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Retro Suspenders


retro-happy-randy.jpgOur fun patterned suspenders with retro themes such as smiley faces and peace signs which will throw you right back to a different era.  Sport our tie-dye suspenders and get a Woodstock era vibe or don a pair of our Class of 59 car suspenders and be transported to the sock hop decade.

In addition to their stylish good looks, what distinguishes our retro suspenders is quality. Each pair is made with premium materials such as thick elastic, silk and fine leather and durable hardware to ensure that they not only look perfect, but last for years. In the historical timeline of suspenders, button-on styles and X-backs were first to come on to the scene, followed by clip-ons and Y-backs. We carry all of these styles in our lineup of retro suspenders. Whichever style you select each has adjustable straps and built-in elastic to make them comfortable enough to wear all day long.

If you are looking for a way to add distinction to your work clothes or to create a unique look for a special event, add some of these stylish women's and men's retro suspenders to your wardrobe.