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Satin Suspenders


frenchsatin.jpgWhen building your collection of suspenders, including a pair with a satin finish is a must for formal occasions or to add panache to every day outfits. Satin suspenders can go from casual and sporty to refined and elegant based on what you pair them with. Satin offers an unmistakable elegant edge that dresses up endless ensembles - from business and formal attire to stylish ensembles. Our satin suspenders are made in the U.S. from premium elastic that is finished with a French satin finish. The subtle sheen of the material adds an instant formal touch that pairs well with suits and tuxedos. They are the type of suspender that you can slip on when you are accenting your attire with other high-end accessories such as a luxury watch and cufflinks.

Satin suspenders come in a range of widths - from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inch - and lengths to fit practically everyone. Much like all of our other suspenders made in the U.S. with the finest attention to detail, our line of satin suspenders is made with high-end finishing touches such as leather cross patches, brass hardware and durable attachments. Choose from clip-on and button-on attachments. Button-on attachments are the more formal of the two and are ideal for the boardroom to the ball room. Whichever type of attachment you select, our attachments are made to grip tightly onto a variety of materials for unending security and style. A tight hold, however, does not mean damage to the fabric of your trousers. You also have the option of selecting Y-back or X-back suspenders depending on your preference. For your convenience, we carry a myriad of colors to complement your eclectic wardrobe. Shop for suspenders in bright gold, red, camel, navy blue and more. We also have classic black. Cannot decide which color to go with? You cannot go wrong when starting your collection with traditional black or a neutral hue such as camel.