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Bow Tie and Suspender Sets



A sharp-looking pair of suspenders already sets the stage for an elegant outfit, but when you add a matching bow tie, you really elevate the look. Take your style to the red-carpet level by wearing one of these women's and men's bow tie and suspender sets from SuspenderStore. Gals and guys both look amazing in these matching sets. If you love to accessorize but want to take the guesswork out of deciding which tie goes with which suspenders, these sets are the perfect addition to your closet.

Look Sharp in Coordinated Bow Ties and Suspenders

You'll be able to make any outfit look more professional or dressier just by wearing one of these convenient sets. And with so many stylish choices available, it's easy to find a great match for your needs. If you wear professional attire each day, these bow tie and suspender sets offer an alternative way to vary your look for work. While everyone else blends into the background wearing their traditional tie and belt, you'll stand out - in a good way - in your dapper suspender and bow tie set. As for special occasions, a matching bow tie and suspenders set helps to make you look much fancier than you would with just a plain suit and tie.

These elegant accessories are available in such a wide range of colors that you'll be able to wear them for just about any special event and have the freedom to express a bit of your personality. For our sports-loving fans, we even have several accented with the logo of some of the most popular NFL teams. Consider picking up a spectrum of hues to have available for when your next black-tie invite comes in the mail. They are so handsome that many wedding parties are using them to get a unique, yet uniform look among their members.

Classy Bow Ties and Suspenders for Everyone

Our women's and men's bow tie and suspenders sets come in a range of sizes, and each set is made with high-quality fabrics and hardware that'll not only enhance your style but also help your accessories last for years to come.

In addition to adult sizes, we also offer bow tie and suspenders for boys and girls. When shopping for children, you can often find their size among the sets of suspenders and bow ties available for adults. Most of the sets we offer come in the standard 36-inch child size, a size aimed at the body types of a typical 5-year-old child. Older children and teens can often wear a regular or large size, depending on their height. Consult our sizing guide for a clearer view of size in relation to height. Choosing a suspender set for a child is a good investment because the set can be worn with any combination of nice shirt and slacks for all sorts of special occasions. These two pieces can also be worn separately, providing even more accessorizing options for your child.

What about colors? You'll be happy to know that our bow tie and suspenders set collection include an array of classic and contemporary color choices. Among the options are navy blue bow tie and suspenders, gray bow tie and suspenders and red bow tie and suspenders. You can even find pastel colors and tranquil blues such as seafoam and turquoise. Shades that represent love and passions such as pink and purple are also available.

Please Note: We offer you these matching sets to make ordering easier for you. However, these sets represent just a fraction of the options we can offer you when you buy your suspenders and bow ties separately. Our solid color bow ties also go well with many of our patterned suspenders, with different width suspenders, and with button-on (rather than clip-on) suspenders. Feel free to call our helpful customer service team at 800-393-4508 if you have questions regarding which suspenders/bow tie pairing is best for you!