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Jacquard Suspenders


jac-diam-clip-male-front-burg.jpgJacquard fabric (pronounced "jack-ard") is a woven fabric featuring intricate patterns. Our jacquard suspenders feature a subtle tone-on-tone motif against a solid background of the same color. These suspenders are dressy and sophisticated and are often worn with business and dress attire. We carry these suspenders in multiple sizes to fit most adults, and they're available in both clip and button-on style.

Because woven jacquard looks so classy and elegant, you can go ahead and choose to wear suspenders made with a jacquard elastic band without skimping on classic jacquard style. Ideally, you want to look your best and be perfectly comfortable, and our selection of quality jacquard woven suspenders makes it easy to achieve good looks and adjustable fit comfort.

Are you looking for specific colors in this woven fabric? We've got just what you want - color variety! For instance, if you are looking to expand your collection of black jacquard accessories, we offer black in several patterns that you are going to love. Black jacquard fabric is among the most popular color options. For those seeking gray jacquard fabric, burgundy, navy and other colors, we carry these as well.

The jacquard weaving process was invented in 1801 by a French inventor - Joseph Marie Jacquard, who sought to automate the long and tedious process of producing the fine woven fabrics of that time. By automating the production of these fabrics, Jacquard ensured the continuing availability of these dressy and intricately woven fabrics at a fraction of the time and cost of the hand-weaving process.

We are proud to offer these beautiful and traditional suspenders in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you're looking for classic jacquard braces with leather ends of jacquard clip-on suspenders, this classy style can lend an air of sophistication to any outfit.