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Shirt Stays


For the guy who is meticulous about looking neat and polished at all times, we present our shirt stays. If you are frustrated with having to constantly deal with untucked shirts making you look unkempt, these shirt stays were made with you mind. You can probably still hear your mom's voice reminding you to "tuck your shirt in" from when you were a kid. Many people never knew these even existed and only learn about them when they browse our website. They are the types of accessories that you will try once and wonder where they have been your whole life!

The design is simple, but the benefits are huge. Made from durable elastic, these straps attach securely to the top of your socks and to the bottom edge of your shirt. They are long enough and have enough stretch to maintain comfortable tension when sitting or standing to keep your shirt snugly in place and tucked in. Made in the USA using high-quality components (we would not have it any other way), the clips fasten securely for all-day hold and the length of the straps is adjustable via a metal adjuster. These straight, military-style shirt stays are typically worn two in the front and two in the back to provide a comfortable, secure fit.

Each purchase comes with a set of four. While you are shopping for yourself, pick up a few for friends and family who you know will get a lot of use out of them. They make a great gift for the professional in your life, Father's Day and new graduates who will be going on lots of job interviews or for those who are staring a new job.

Be sure to browse our sock garters in addition to our shirt stays to create a head-to-toe neat appearance. People will wonder how you always look so put together.