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Button Suspenders



Elastic button suspenders offer the comfort of a stretchy material with the old-fashioned charm of a button attachment for a look that is always a classic. They come in different types of attachment ends such as rabbit ears or moustaches that are typically made from quality leather. In addition to their handsome, higher-end look, elastic button suspenders are touted for their secure hold; they will not slip and will not budge until you take them off.

Although button suspenders are often considered business and formal attire, modern elastic button suspenders come in a range of widths, styles, colors and patterns making them versatile enough to wear on all occasions - even the most casual ones. They are definitely no longer reserved just for the boardroom. As you browse our inventory, you will find elastic button suspenders that you can wear while working on the ranch or farm, hanging out with friends on the weekend or giving your daughter away on her wedding day. Our line of Rugged Comfort elastic button suspenders is tough enough to tackle even the most physically demanding jobs. Made from elastic that is three times thicker than our already strong regular elastic suspenders, these workhorses can hold up your pants and tool belt without breaking a sweat. When shopping for button-attachment elastic suspenders, you will want to take into consideration the width of the different suspenders. The thicker the width, the more support it offers.

When it comes to prints and colors you will be quite impressed with what we offer in our selection. You will find every color of the rainbow represented as well as a fun assortment of novelty prints and patterns that let you share glimpses of your personality. Wear a preppy argyle print or a refined stripe when you are feeling dapper, slip on a pair of stars of stripes when you are feeling patriotic or put on Beethoven's Symphony Number 5 when you are feeling musical.