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Patterned Suspenders


bc-patterns-composite.jpgWhat do the patterns of your suspenders say about your personality and style? Like a tie, suspenders come in a vast assortment of patterns - argyle, checkered, paisley, plaid, polka dots and stripes - and we have them all. More than just a useful means of keeping trousers where they need to be, suspenders help to convey a message about who you are and the image you want to put forth. Patterned suspenders are also a stylish way to bring a bland outfit to life. When working in a business environment, you do not have much flexibility in regards to getting creative with your outfits. Patterns are a way to distinguish yourself from the sea of shirt and belt outfits so you stand out - in a good way.

When the occasion calls for a polished, professional look, argyle, paisley and stripes all make sharp choices. With its geometric diamond pattern of two or more colors, argyle has a distinct air of tradition and screams classic. Once associated with preppy attire and golfers, argyle is worn today by those from all walks of life, both young and old. The history of paisley can be traced back centuries, with its roots believed to have started in Kashmir and worked its way to India and to Europe and beyond.

On days when you are feeling whimsical, our collection of polka dot, checkered and plaid suspenders help capture your mood. These charming patterns come in a range of color combinations such as black and pink, yellow and light blue and black and white. Pattern suspenders are typically paired with solid-colored shirts, but can also look dapper when worn with other patterns. The key is keeping one of the patterns subtle; for example, pairing a button-down with a tiny check pattern with paisley suspenders makes an eye-catching contrast.

Our pattern suspenders are available in clip-on and button-attachment styles to fit your lifestyle and fashion preferences, as well as different widths. The button-attachment style is considered more high-end and offers a formal flair.