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Pin Clip Suspenders


For a never fail, always stays securely in place pair of suspenders, update your collection with our pin clip suspenders. Pin clip suspenders add that extra layer of security to our already exceptionally performing men's suspenders with clips. Added to the strong alligator clips are two pins that securely pierce the fabric. Using an alligator analogy, the clips are like the jaws of the alligator, while the pins are the teeth. Once they sink into the fabric of your pants and maintain a strong grip, they'll never slip, without damaging the fabric, of course. This choice of suspender is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle or work at a job where lifting, reaching and moving is part of their daily routine. They are also great for those with a large or heavier set frame as they add that extra layer of support.

In addition to their never-ending performance, our pin clip suspenders are durably constructed from quality elastic and hardware. These pin clip suspenders are available in 1" to 2" and in an array of solid colors and patterns that range from classic to whimsical. When it comes to selection, we deliver on giving you a variety of looks to complement your casual and dressier occasions. Suspenders are a stylish way to show off sides of your personality. Let's face it, if you work in a corporate environment where you do not have much flexibility to express yourself through your clothing, suspenders are the way to distinguish yourself. If you are an animal lover, you won't be able to resist awing over our puppy paw print suspenders. Want to show your American pride? Our American flag or stars and stripes suspenders add just the right bit of patriotic touch to your outfit. When the occasion calls for formal and elegant, our solid colors will have you looking dapper in no time. From weddings to the office and on your days off, our pin clip suspenders are the secure, stylish and comfortable choice.