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Licensed Characters Suspenders


ninjahulkcollage.jpgDo you have a hard time prying your children away from watching their favorite TV and movie superheroes to go to an event? We may have the solution - licensed character suspenders for kids. Our selection includes such kid-approved favorites as Doctor Who, The Avengers, Disney Suspenders, Looney Tunes, Superman and lots more. They just may be the way to convince your little one to get dressed quickly and out the door. Our selection is so full of personality and is such fun, kids will want to try them all. Luckily, we offer them at such a great price, you can stock up without breaking the bank. Give them plenty of options by choosing several designs.

While our kid's licensed suspenders are a great decorative way to let your child express his or her personality, they also offer great support for pants and skirts. Easy to put on and take off, they feature nickel finger clips that grip securely and help to prevent pants from falling. They are simple enough to use, that kids can even put them on themselves. Made from comfortable all-elastic, our character suspenders feel great for all-day wear. They stretch and flex so they are comfortable enough to keep up with active kids who are always on the go.

There are many occasions where kids can sport their suspenders covered with their favorite characters - birthday parties, playdates, weddings and family gatherings. They are also great for school as kids will be so excited to show their spiffy suspenders to all their friends. Does our child have first-day jitters? Let him or her choose their favorite superhero or Disney character suspenders to wear so they will feel like they have the extra support they need from their buddy to get through their day.

Many of our character suspenders come in a 40-inch length to fit most average-sized kids age six to seven up to five feet, five inches tall.