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Belt Loop Suspenders


beltloop.jpgWhile clip-on suspenders are great for certain purposes, sometimes you want the functionality of belt loop suspenders. At SuspenderStore, we offer a great selection of suspenders that you can slide a belt through - called belt loop suspenders. The best part about this style is that it's totally secure and looks great too! Fasten your suspenders to your belt with belt loop attachments for all-day security and serious style!

Our belt loop suspenders, found on our Western wear line of galluses, give you a fast, efficient and durable way to get your suspenders in place. They are often preferred by those who are planning to be more active during the day since they provide a sturdy, secure way of attaching to your pants.

Our belt suspenders work by attaching directly to your belt. Our Rugged Comfort Belt Loop suspenders feature all leather loops through which you simply slide a belt up to 2-inches wide. These are the perfect suspenders for those who want to wear belts and suspenders at the same time for added support.

Our assortment of belt loop suspenders for men is teeming with a huge assortment of great styles. You can give your look a Western style with a pair of our hand-crafted all-leather Western suspenders, which feature smooth cowhide leather straps.

Whatever style you prefer, SuspenderStore has the great selection and affordable prices you want when selecting your belt loop suspenders. You'll have plenty of choices, including all kinds of colors and sizes, making it easy to find your perfect match. Our suspenders feature durable, high-quality materials and hardware that are designed to last for years even with regular wear. Browse our selection to find a great pair of belt loop suspenders to add to your wardrobe.