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Solid Colors


jill-olson-5.jpegWhen you put your child in a pair of our solid suspenders for kids, they'll be on the receiving end of lots of compliments. Suspenders have the power to add charm and polish to any outfit, proving that kids aren't always messy and sticky, they actually clean up well! Colorful and fun, these X-back, 1-inch wide elastic suspenders with sewn back are perfect for dressy occasions, casual ones and even school! They look sharp with anything from khakis and a button down to a short skirt and top and even shorts and jeans. They are even washable! Our inventory is stocked with sizes for babies to toddlers (see our Toddler Suspenders section) to little kids and big kids. We also carry suspenders for tweens and teens - see our Youth Suspenders section for suspenders that will appeal to this age group.

Wondering what size suspender your child will wear?  See our children's suspender size guide below, as well as our suggested method for measuring your kid to ensure a perfect fit!


25" for 9 to 24 months; 30" for toddler to 5 yrs.; 36" for 5 yrs. to about 5 ft. tall; and 42" for over 5 ft.


Measure the distance from the top of the waistline in the back, going up diagonally and over the opposite shoulder, and down to the top of the waistband in the front. The next larger size will be your correct suspender length.