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Pin Clip Suspenders


pin-clip-composite-2.jpgIf you want to combine the comfort and versatility of elastic suspenders with a clip that won't budge no matter what - try our elastic pin clip suspenders.  Featuring clips with two metal pins that pierce the fabric, these clips are our most secure attachment option. Pin clip attachments feature two pins on alligator clips that are made to pierce the fabric (without damaging it) to give you a secure, slip-free hold.

Elastic pin clip suspenders come in a variety of sizes, colors, prints and styles to fit your needs. They can be worn in casual settings as well as dressier ones. Two-inch wide elastic pin clip suspenders are great for those who are looking for unending support in a casual design. They can be worn with jeans and khakis and stay put all day through various levels of physical activity. Our 1.5-inch elastic pin clip suspenders fall into the category of being "not too wide, not too thin," making them the most versatile size that can easily transition from daytime wear to dressier eveningwear. We also carry elastic pin clip suspenders in a 1-inch width and a 1.25 inch width with smaller, dressier clips for an more modern, trendy look that offers the same super grip as our wider pin clip suspenders.

Whichever width you choose, we offer a kaleidoscope of colors to complement your wardrobe and let your personality shine. Are you looking to accent your wardrobe with a whimsical print? Novelty pin clip suspenders are an easy way to infuse an outfit with personality.