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Solid Color Suspenders

Solid Color Suspenders for Tweens & Teens

dsc-2136-a-web.jpgWant to know the secret to turning your youth's outfits into instant hits? Fill their accessory collection with youth solid color suspenders! Many youths are at that age when they are in tune with what they like to wear and they enjoy expressing their personality through their choice of clothing and accessories. Our clip-on solid suspenders are a stylish and affordable way for pre-teens and young teens to add a unique touch to their ensembles.

Our rainbow-like assortment of hues ranges from classic neutrals and white all the way to vibrant fuchsia, coral, periwinkle, plum, hunter green and many more. We even have solid glitter and neon hues for those who dare to gold bold. Our vast selection makes it easy to find the perfect color for every occasion whether it is for school, hanging out in social settings with friends, formal occasions and holidays. They are also a popular choice for youths who are part of dance groups, the drama club and theatrical productions. Our inventory includes several widths ranging from ultra-thin 1/2-inch to 1-inch so kids can choose the style they like best and fit their needs. Super-skinny styles are ideal for anyone who wants the support of suspenders and the timeless look without taking away from the rest of their clothing, while 1-inch styles give off a more "notice-me" vibe. Solid hues are a versatile option that pair well with anything from T-shirts and jeans to a simple top and short plaid skirt.

Much like our adult clip-on suspenders, our youth suspenders are well-made from durable elastic and metal hardware. Flexible elastic feels comfortable around the shoulders and adjustable hardware ensures the perfect fit. The nickel finger clips grip on securely to the tops of pants, shorts and skirts for all-day wear.

Shop our assortment today to see what creative outfits your youth will come up with.