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Side Clip Suspenders

12031-jerry-trucker-141.jpgDesigned for people (such as truck drivers and the elderly) who find traditional clip-on suspenders to be uncomfortable due to the rear clips pressing into their back after prolonged periods of sitting, our side clip suspenders offer a unique and comfortable solution.  With two clips that fasten one on each side of the body, the person wearing these suspenders simply slips their arms through the openings, like putting on a shirt, and then attaches the clips to the waistband of their pants.  Sometimes called "hip clip" suspenders or "trucker" suspenders in reference to either where the clips attach or to the primary customer audience, our side clip suspenders are a popular alternative to traditional clip suspender styles.

We originally offered side clip suspenders only with 2-inch wide straps and construction clip attachments.  However, due to customer requests we have expanded our selection to include sideclip suspenders with 2-inch wide straps and Perry belt-clip attachments (referred to as UBEE suspenders or Outback suspenders by their manufacturer), or 1.5-inch wide straps with pin clips, construction clips or trigger snap attachments.

Whichever style you opt for, we're sure you'll find our side clip suspenders to be a practical and comfortable wardrobe addition!