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Leather and Western Suspenders

Leather & Western Suspenders
Sturdy and handsome, our Leather and Western Y-back suspenders give you support and style like you’ve never had! Choose our GALLUS style suspenders (they hook to the belt loops on your pants, with "trigger snaps" - see picture) or RUGGED COMFORT suspenders (extra-sturdy Sage Green OR Black elastic strap and quality leather) with button-on attachments, belt holder for your belt to go through, or Trigger-Snap like the Galluses (trigger snaps attach to your belt loops). And for the suspender experience of a lifetime, try our new, smooth, supple and fine HORSEHAIR suspenders! We also carry a broad selection of business and dress leather suspenders - from fine braided leather suspenders to plain leather suspenders in both clip and button styles. We have leather suspenders for every style and occasion!

Please note: There is a wide degree of variability in sizing between the various styles of suspenders in our western leather suspender category. Please refer to the specific sizing information provided on each western leather product page to ensure that you order the correct size. Also remember that leather may stretch slightly as it ages in addition to becoming more supple.

Leather suspenders have a classic, Western-inspired look that many suspender wearers love, and they're also so durable that they'll last for years to come. SuspenderStore carries a wide selection of rich, elegant leather suspenders that offer the same proper look that you love about more traditional suspenders, but with a rustic touch that will really set you apart from the crowd.

Our handcrafted Western-inspired suspenders come in basic styles with gleaming metal hardware and soft, supple leather straps in your choice of colors. From deep black to light brown and everything in between, these classic options are perfect for a laid-back look that is reminiscent of frontier fashion. SuspenderStore also carries these same Western-wear options with more ornate details, including basket stamped designs, chain stitching and even Mossy Oak camo fabric lining the interior. Horsehair suspenders offer an even more cowboy-inspired look, while Herringbone braided suspenders feature tiny strips of leather braided together for a uniquely textured leather feel.

Fans of button suspenders will love our button suspenders that feature the convenience of button closures with the sleek look of leather. Even the button portions of these suspenders are covered in high quality, durable leather, which makes them incredibly strong for daily wear. Clip suspenders feature shiny metal clip attachments at either end of the leather straps, enabling our shoppers to choose which type of attachment they like best.

Create a complete Western look from head to toe with SuspenderStore's fashionable, high quality Western wear suspenders in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. From flat leather straps to braided leather or options with elastic comfort panels, we carry suspenders made for every wearer. Although they're made from some of the most durable, luxurious materials that you'll find on any pair of suspenders, they're all priced at points that every shopper can afford.