Washing and Cleaning Suspenders

Learning how to clean suspenders is important when you want to make sure that your suspenders stay in great shape for years to come. Taking the proper care helps you to avoid damaging its material. Our elastic suspenders are washable, but learning the proper way how to clean suspenders ensures that they last a lifetime.

How to Clean Elastic Suspenders: We recommend washing them either by hand or by placing them in a mesh laundry wash bag and running them through your washing machine on a delicate cycle. Always wash colors separately as colors may run. Use cool water and mild detergent. Never use bleach!

After washing your suspenders, hang them to dry, don't use a drier.

To clean spots or stains on your elastic suspenders, try using Tide pens. Our suspender experts have seen much success washing suspenders or cleaning suspenders using this helpful household tip.

How to Wash or Clean Non-Elastic Suspenders:

As you know, washing leather and other materials can be challenging. However, as long as you take proper care and learn how to wash leather properly, you can keep your leather suspenders in grade-A shape. We do not recommend washing suspenders, whether leather, oxford cloth, grosgrain, or silk. In the event that one of these items gets soiled, always consult a cleaning professional. A dry-cleaning service can help you clean leather and other delicate materials properly.

Suspenders with leather crosspatches or leather tabs can be machine-washed as long as they are not dried with heat, which can dry out the leather. You may want to treat the leather afterwards with a leather conditioner to help maintain its suppleness. You're learning how to wash leather; you want to make sure you're not oversaturating the material with too much moisture as it can affect its shape after drying.